Focusing on what really matters
There is a universal spiritual principle that our life grows out of what we pay attention to. Sometimes times of depression, anxiety, and burnout can be signs that we are not living true what really matters to us. We may be struggling with physical aches & pains, tiredness, headaches, gut discomfort – all of these […]
Returning to your path
Times of overwhelm and exhaustion in our lives can leave us feeling lost and disoriented. If you can sit with this confusion, you may begin to notice the different of directions you have been pulled in and see where your energy has gone. You may see where you have been pulled into trying to fix […]
Permission to rest
What happens when you feel like you need to stop… slow down… be? You may notice your mind racing.  You are constantly planning what you need to get done, when to do it, how to do it quicker,  more efficiently. You see yourself planning, predicting, analysing all your experiences. You are caught in a need […]
Softening your expectations
  Sometimes our expectations of ourselves can make our lives daunting. They can create a powerful pressure that is overwhelming and can leave us feeling paralysed, unable to take any helpful action. We can get caught in patterns of procrastination where we withdraw from our lives and neglect ourselves to avoid the pressure. We often […]

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