Focusing on what really matters

There is a universal spiritual principle that our life grows out of what we pay attention to.

Sometimes times of depression, anxiety, and burnout can be signs that we are not living true what really matters to us.

We may be struggling with physical aches & pains, tiredness, headaches, gut discomfort – all of these can be indications that we need to slow down and tend to the causes of our pain.

We may be feeling rushed, panicked, irritable, impatient, and jumpy. These are signs of hypervigilance in our nervous system, showing us that we need to take time and space to ground ourselves in who we really are and tend to what is actually happening, so that we can centre and get our balance back.

Times of feeling low in mood, lost, despairing, purposeless, and losing our enjoyment in life can also be a message to us that we need to spend time with the hurting parts of us, and continue to ask the deep questions of ourselves.

These experiences can lead to us feeling overwhelmed, stuck & paralysed, and we may need to look at getting help to make sense of it, from friends, family, our doctor, a psychotherapist, or life coach.

Within whatever help or support we receive, we can gently keep following a deep thread of inner questioning, exploring questions like:

What really matters to me? What do I really want? What do I need?

Using these as a guiding light brings in energy and inspiration from where our deep values come from. These come to us as feelings, senses, images, or ideas from within the deep layers of ourselves that we often don’t pay attention to.  We touch base with what gives us meaning, what energizes us, what motivates us, and what sparks us to move forward. This energy can help us stay with ourselves in our suffering, tend to our wounds, and allow growth to emerge from our discomfort.

It takes courage to take the time and space to refocus our lives on what we really value, and the impact of doing it can have far-reaching effects on us and those around us.

©2022 Kirsty Turner

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