Returning to your path

Times of overwhelm and exhaustion in our lives can leave us feeling lost and disoriented. If you can sit with this confusion, you may begin to notice the different of directions you have been pulled in and see where your energy has gone.

You may see where you have been pulled into trying to fix things for others or take responsibility for things you have no influence over. You may see that you have been doing things that do not feel of real value to you out of habit or someone else’s agenda. You may have been working hard trying to prove yourself, earn approval or get things that you think will make you feel better.

We can be drawn away by our own defences and coping strategies. We may be so used to distracting ourselves from our difficult inner experiences that our avoidance becomes a habit that takes us away from who we really are. The work involved in keeping up this avoidance exhausts us and may lead to these moments where we recognise that we have lost where we truly need to be. We move from needing our defences to needing gradually let them go.

If you can open to the pain of this overwhelm and exhaustion it can be a helpful sign to guide you in your confusion. Your struggle can help you see that you have been pulled off your path and begin to gently guide you back on track.

Your way forward means being present to how you feel in the moment and tuning into what feels helpful for you. Listening to yourself helps you take simple steps along the way of what feels healthy, calming and replenishing for you. Practicing letting go of the pressure you had felt can help you gradually recover your strength and energise you take realistic steps in the direction of what you deeply value.

Take one small step at a time towards experiences that give you a sense of rest, beauty, meaning and connection. This practice is all you can ever ask of yourself on your journey.

This way you can redirect yourself back to your unique path.









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