Admitting you dont know
One of the challenges of going through a difficult time can be allowing yourself to admit you don’t know what to do about it. This realisation can be terrifying and confusing, and we have all learned strategies to avoid this reality. We may have never been allowed the space to struggle with the experience of […]
Returning to yourself
Written by Kirsty Turner     The experience of losing touch with yourself can feel painful, confusing, and sad. Sometimes we first notice an ache that makes us feels as though we are missing something essential. We may feel a longing for something that we need but cannot get to. At other times, our need […]
Courage to go inward
Written by Kirsty Turner     Life invites us at times to take the step of going deeper into ourselves. Things happen that make us realise we are being pulled to notice, to feel, to question, and to heal the painful conflicts that hurt us. It can be immensely challenging to take this step as […]

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